Everyone has the ability to feel better. I want to help you achieve that.

My name is HAKEEM

I am a Precision Nutrition and Crossfit certified coach.

My goal is help people just like you feel better about them-self,eliminate stubborn belly fat, gain strength, and build the body they’ve always wanted.


My goals is to educate people on how to improve their life just by practicing simple things daily.

I will also provide training program and nutritional advice here at our Barbell Nation community.



honest coaching,

without all the bull$*@t.


Let’s have a cup of coffee?

The most important part is for me to understand you better before I can help.

Knowing more about goals, how you plan to achieve them, your resources, your concern etc.



Time for me to do the work for you!

Based on all the information that you provide, I will now work on to create a plan which both of us can work together.



We are in a team!


This is going to be a journey which involve ups and downs.

But no matter what happen, I you to always remember that we are in a team. I’m always ready to help you! 


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Animal movement

Simple yet challenging movement that yiu can do anywhere to improve your mobility, strength and coordination.


Bulletproof legs

Learn how to strengthen your legs using body-weight exercise. From not knowing how to squat till single leg squat!


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